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HOLI Internship

work on developing projects related to your interests

#‎HOLInters HOLI works to get effective,impactful and fun learning in all learning environments. We have direct operations in 3 schools,1 undergraduate college, 1 restaurant and are assisting various educational initiatives across the country to improve the learnings of learners.

HOLI is calling for Hand On Learning Interns . 
Get to work from your laptop on impact full ways to learn Hands On and Minds On and be a part of the HOLI community.

A Hands On Learning Intern will be
> Researching the best practices for learning (You can work on developing projects related to your interests!)
> Connecting the practices to the syllabus
> Understanding how to communicate about the best practices
with stake holders.

And if interested 
>Design sessions using the best practices. Documenting them. Refine the already documented sessions.

And if really interested
>Deliver the sessions too. Help in producing videos for spreading the Joy of HOLI.

We shall also have weekly meetups online and occasionally in person.

Period of internship : Variable depending on interest.

Skills required : A learner .

For more information check and contact us @ .

If you want to work on something and see HOLI being usefull in that , let us know smile emoticon . We love to hear ideas useful for learning and society .

After working on this project you shall be sought after by various educational initiatives including us or some wonderful schools like DLRC !

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