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  • For Purpose

    We always strive for the most Hands On.


     HOLI came about this reality that our learning spaces are decent and what we need is some facilitation 

            and confidence boosting. That which we do within a community. HOLI stands for Facilitating 

            in a 'for purpose' way - The Spirit of Effective and Impactful learning

    What We DO

    Toys From Trash is documented on websites like www.arvindguptatoys.com . What we do is Facilitate learning using such tools based on the need of the learner through Experiential Education Programs. For All ages. For our grandparents too. Making , Breaking and playing with them collaboratively (often with oneself) is a stress buster. Often parents come to our workshops and join in to make toys and be lost in the world of discovery.

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    We let the results speak for themselves.

    2 Schools


    1 Slum Community


    Working with 6 Organisations 

    and counting !

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    May 3, 2016
    #‎HOLInters HOLI works to get effective,impactful and fun learning in all learning environments. We have direct operations in 3 schools,1 undergraduate college, 1 restaurant and are assisting various educational initiatives across the country to improve the learnings of learners. HOLI is...
    January 28, 2016
    Art and Sustainability is a Document Collection post as of now working towards having a Professional Learning Community in Art and Beyond . Read up a document here . More coming soon!
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    Feedback from Participants of our Experiential Exploratory

    Experiential Exploratory is a physical and mental space which the HOLI facilitator takes the students into to derive the thrill of learning.

    Curriculum for Learning 

    Use the HOLI curriculum in your lessons and courses.


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    Pavan Iyengar

    Co-Founder , Pune Operations &

    Co-ordination with other Organisations & Cities 

    Mayuri Rao

    Co-Founder , Bengaluru Operations & Exploratory Projects 

    Ravi Khare

    Co-Founder, Analytics & Stratergy 

    Chandrika D.

    Co-Founder , Aha Moments in learning , Documentation

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